Good bye China

We made it to the last day! The last few days in Suzhou were great, eating the local cuisine, talking with the local school kids and doing a Kung Fu lesson. We ate squirrel fish, eel, jellyfish and pork knuckles. Yesterday we came back from Suzhou and we to Tongli, a small town that uses canals to get around, impressive!

Today we are off to spend the last of our money at the market!


Over the past few days, we have been flat out. We left Shanghai 2 days ago and took a bus to Suzhou. It was raining heavily on the way over. The side of the chaotic highway was littered with huge apartment skyrisers amd were all identical. When we arrived at Suzhou we went to the silk museum and learnt a lot about how silk scarves and other items are made. Afterwards, we checked into an unbelievable 5 star hotel, its amazing!

Yesterday we visited a school of 3600 students with class sizes of 50! Wow! It was really different to say the least! The girls sung both the Aussie and Chinese national anthems an instantly became celebrities, they did a magnificent job and represented Camp Hill in a spectacular fashion, afterwards, we went to Tiger Hill and checked out the Suzhhou markets, the ‘Asian Venice’ due to the vast canals. the smell of what the locals call ‘stinky tofu’ did not disappoint, it was horrendous.

Today we are off to another school and then particpating in a Kung-Fu lesson. Jorja spent the night having a sleep over Jessica’s house and we will catch up with her shortly.

Day 4

Yesterday we went to the Science and Tech market for a couple of hours to do some shopping. The girls bartering skills have really come a long way and are now professional hagglers! Afterwards, we went to the Planning Museum, which was incredible. We learnt a lot about the layout and infrastructure of Shanghai. Next up was the Jingan Temple, it was huge and magnificent. The girls enjoyed checking out the different buddas and loved throwing money into a huge tower. We are also quickly learning the road rules of China, or major lack there of, the driving has kept all of us on our toes. Last night we went out for tea at a restaurant that Chen organised, it was spectacular. Today we are off to Suzhou with everyone else as our sister school cancelled. Once we get there, we are going to Shantang Old Street, which is part of the ancient city of Suhzou. It has canals and is full of great sight seeing.