Day Three- travel to Shanghai and the ERA Circus

May 26th

Last night was very hectic as the cancelled flights and unavailability of the bullet train meant we needed to stay in Beijing. We were able to find accommodation, but it wasn’t the best. We woke up around 7 today and got ready to catch a flight to Shanghai.

We left Beijing at 1130 and our flight was great, good food and a nice plane. Once we landed, we were picked up and driven through Shanghai to the hotel. The apartment buildings lined the streets, they were everywhere. There was also heaps of clothes hanging out of peoples windows, very different from Bendigo.

Once we arrived at the Park Hotel, we got ourselves sorted. The Park Hotel is in the middle of Shanghai so we are central to everything. We are going to take the train everywhere. Tonight, we are off to the circus and then perhaps some dancing in the park, it should be a lot of fun.

2 thoughts on “Day Three- travel to Shanghai and the ERA Circus

  1. hi how are yous all hope yous are having fun in china have a great day i hope you learn something in china whats the food like in china is it great in china
    from hellana

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