Day 5

Day 5

Today me and lily woke up too late (as usual) and got ready in record time for breakfast, we made it there just in time to scoff down some cereal and get on the bus. On the bus ride our awesome tour guide Michael explained a lot of things about the tongli and shuzhou. When we got there we realised that there where no cars, only boats and canals so we caught a gondola ride around the canals which was fun we all took a lot of photos, after that we went shopping in the tongli markets. A lot of people bought clams to crack open for pearls (¥50 or $10) but i didn’t get any because i didnt see the point of having them. A lot of the guys only bought them to sell back in australia. The things that i did get where a painting for the class and a silk dress for a friend (you will find who soon!).

From Izzy

(P.S shout out to Ms wallace and 6B!)

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