Day 5

Day 5

Today me and lily woke up too late (as usual) and got ready in record time for breakfast, we made it there just in time to scoff down some cereal and get on the bus. On the bus ride our awesome tour guide Michael explained a lot of things about the tongli and shuzhou. When we got there we realised that there where no cars, only boats and canals so we caught a gondola ride around the canals which was fun we all took a lot of photos, after that we went shopping in the tongli markets. A lot of people bought clams to crack open for pearls (¥50 or $10) but i didn’t get any because i didnt see the point of having them. A lot of the guys only bought them to sell back in australia. The things that i did get where a painting for the class and a silk dress for a friend (you will find who soon!).

From Izzy

(P.S shout out to Ms wallace and 6B!)

Day Four- shopping and travel to Suhzou

This morning we were able to get out and explore downtown Shanghai. First we went to the Science and Technology market to do some shopping. We had a lot of fun bartering with the locals, it was very interesting and we shared many laughs. We also decided to eat lunch in the market at a local busy restaurant, it was very cheap.

After this, we were able to walk down the main street which has a mall in it. It was very busy and we were able to buy some White Rabbits, a chewy lolly like a Milko.

That afternoon, we departed for Suhzou. We checked in at our magnificent hotel and went out for dinner.

Day Three- travel to Shanghai and the ERA Circus

May 26th

Last night was very hectic as the cancelled flights and unavailability of the bullet train meant we needed to stay in Beijing. We were able to find accommodation, but it wasn’t the best. We woke up around 7 today and got ready to catch a flight to Shanghai.

We left Beijing at 1130 and our flight was great, good food and a nice plane. Once we landed, we were picked up and driven through Shanghai to the hotel. The apartment buildings lined the streets, they were everywhere. There was also heaps of clothes hanging out of peoples windows, very different from Bendigo.

Once we arrived at the Park Hotel, we got ourselves sorted. The Park Hotel is in the middle of Shanghai so we are central to everything. We are going to take the train everywhere. Tonight, we are off to the circus and then perhaps some dancing in the park, it should be a lot of fun.

Day 2 in Beijing

Today we travelled to The Great Wall of China and bartered with the shop owners in the markets. We went to a DELICIOUS Peking Duck lunch  in Beijing after and prepared to leave for Shanghai. The weather in Shanghai.was horrible and not great to fly in, but we went to the airport anyways and found out all Air China flight in and out of Shanghai were cancelled so the teachers tried to get us into  accomodation and new flights  for the next day. The teachers thankfully got us into accomodation and found us new flights. This is the first time this has happened in forever so it’s really just bad luck. We’re so lucky because we don’t miss out on major events like the Circus in Shanghai.