Name: Izzy James-McCloy

Age: 12

Hobbies/Interesting facts: I love to play basketball and netball. In winter I snowboard at Mount Hotham. Except for China I would love to go to Switzerland (when it’s snowing) and the Maldives. Two of my grandparents are from Ireland.

What I’m excited about: I am extremely excited about my first trip overseas! I have been away from my parents for up to a month before, so I definitely won’t get home sick! I can’t wait to try new foods and be immersed in Chinese culture. I am really excited to practise the new language that we’ve been learning for the past two years and to eat with chopsticks!

Why I wanted to go to China: I am grateful for the opportunity of going to China in 2017. I wanted to go to China to improve my understanding of different cultures and how they do things. I have always wanted to go overseas. Hopefully I can learn to speak Chinese more fluently when I return!