Name: Jordyn Aldred

Age: 12 years of age

Why I wanted to go to China: I wanted to go to China as soon as I heard of the fantastic cultural chance. My first real interest happened when I first met my Chinese exchange student Jessica. Jessica gave me an insight into the Chinese culture and taught me some really important customs. Well I guess if it wasn’t for Jess (short for Jessica) I wouldn’t be able to use chopsticks like a professional.

Things that I enjoy: I enjoy playing netball with my netball club and friends I play for South Bendigo Football Netball Club. On a Thursday night I dance. I do Hip hop with a group of dance friends that I cherish and adore. My parents are qualified both chefs and they own a business called El Gordo, so I love the fresh fragrances that comes from our kitchen definitely when I was the one whom had created them. I have three siblings two younger sister and an older brother. I love spending time with them even when we have our quarrels.

Interesting facts about me: I am the second oldest child in a family of four kids and two adults. I have played the guitar with an instructor for one year, but then I started teaching myself after he left to go and work in Melbourne. My family originally came from Ireland and my great, great, great, great, great, great, great Grandmother and Grandfather came here looking for work in Sydney. They arrived at circular quay in 1876. I came to Bendigo in whilst I was in grade one and have been at Camp Hill ever since. My older brother and I have a four-year age gap. My littlest sister and I have a ten-year age gap. My two younger sisters have also got a four-year age gap. But my oldest little sister and I have a six-year age gap.